Helpful Kitchen Designers for Pittsburg, KS Homes

The right layout for your kitchen or bathroom can absolutely transform your home, which is why it is vital to ensure the design is just right before even starting the project. At Cleaver Farm & Home, we offer a high-tech solution to your remodeling design requirements. We use advanced CAM software to map out photo-quality layouts that accurately displays how your design will look at completion.

Turn to Us for Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs in Independence, KS

Our aim is to provide everything you need to create amazing kitchens and bathrooms. From initial expert planning and design advice to the necessary building materials (fixings, paints, tiles, and grouting), we can make your kitchen or bathroom look stunning.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Available in Garnett, KS

For many kitchen makeovers, custom cabinets provide that all-important finishing touch. At Cleaver Farm & Home, not only do you have the options of choosing a color, material, and style, but we also size the cabinets to fit the custom dimensions of your kitchen. This eliminates any awkward gaps and unusable small spaces that can occur when using mass-produced, standard-size cabinets.

Premium Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Independence, KS

In addition to our custom kitchen cabinets, we also create stunning bathroom cabinets that are a perfect match for your existing interior design. If you’re looking for a one-stop kitchen and bathroom specialist that has the premium materials and knowledge to get your project done properly, we’re here to help. Call us at (620) 431-6070 to book a time to design your kitchen, to place an order,
or to speak with a member of our friendly team.