Dependable Delivery Services

At Cleaver Farm & Home, we are proud to have a trustworthy and hard-working delivery fleet at our disposal to deliver to our Kansas residents and the surrounding areas.

Reliable and quick to dispatch and deliver, our aim is to always provide our customers with the products and materials they need to complete their projects on-time and on-budget.

We Deliver What You Want, When You Want It

We also provide forklift delivery services to our customers located in the southeast Kansas area. Our capable forklift operators will deliver your goods exactly where you need them, when you need them, provided the area is both available and safe.

Need shingles or a roof package? At Cleaver Farm & Home, we have a roof shingle delivery vehicle that can place your product on top of nearly any roof.

We also have a variety of smaller vehicles that can deliver several other products both safely and efficiently.

In order to provide the best delivery service possible, we make sure to load each of our trucks the evening prior to the day of the scheduled delivery. We then dispatch a limited quantity of “First Out” deliveries each morning. To make sure your goods are loaded and ready to ship right away, speak with one of our representatives to schedule an early morning delivery.

When you need your materials and products quickly, we are here to help. Call our knowledgeable staff today at (620) 431-6070 to discuss how our delivery service can save you time and money.