Kitchen Remodeling Expertise for Independence, KS Homes

One of the most difficult parts of any remodeling project is trying to work out what needs to go where in order to utilize the interior space most effectively. Rather than spending hours with a pencil, tape, and piece of paper trying to draw a suitable design, why not let us do the job for you? At Cleaver Farm & Home, we offer a kitchen and bathroom design service. We can help plan every feature of your project to achieve the best results possible.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Garnett, KS Residents

In addition to a wide range of countertops, tiles, and grouting, we also supply custom cabinets that can be tailored to meet individual requirements. We can also create cabinets that are exactly the right size for your kitchen. You also have the option of choosing any color you desire to coordinate with your chosen interior design palette.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets for Bathrooms Across Independence, KS

If you want your bathroom to stand out for all the right reasons, we can help. At Cleaver Farm & Home, we supply high-caliber, custom bathroom cabinets that can give your bathroom a fresh new look. Choose from a wide range of styles to create the look you want. We provide cabinets that not only look good, but are also built and finished to last several years.

Our Experienced Kitchen Designers Serve Pittsburg, KS and the Surrounding Areas

To take the hassle out of kitchen design, we have in-house software available that allows you to see your design in 3D. This innovative program provides insight as to how your finished project will look. To find out more about our design service or any of the other products and services we provide, call us today at (620) 431-6070.

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